Changing Government with Open Data

There are many exciting ways in which civic data is improving governance in towns and cities across the country. We want to invite you to check out one of the newest blog posts from our friends at the Davenport Institute highlighting a new project using open data called Data-Smart City Solutions. You can read more about it below or see the full blog post from the Davenport Institute here.

An interesting project at the Ash Center of Harvard’s Kennedy School directed by Stephen Goldsmith looks at how open data is changing the face of government in a variety of areas including public safety, civic engagement, public works, and health and human services:

Data-Smart City Solutions is working to catalyze local government efforts to more effectively solve local problems through the use of integrated, cross-agency data combined with community data to better discover and preemptively address civic problems. The initiative is designed to offer city leaders a national depository of working analytics methodologies and to connect leading industry, academic, and government officials in the field.

You can explore the website and featured projects here.

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