Chris Anderson’s Hierarchy of Reward

Verisign had a mind bending Building A Better Internet program at the Newseum in Washington DC. Three pages of good notes, huge respect for the people on stage (2011 Judges Video). There will be posts on this program for months.

The keynote was Chris Anderson.
I’ve seen Chris Anderson before. His presentations are the equivalent of understanding a Neal Stephenson book in 20 minutes, an intellectual athletic event. This presentation was another fireworks performance.
By day he is editor in chief of Wired Magazine. At other times he runs the open source drone software foundation, has a couple of companies and writes books that change the current business paradigm. He does good Dad, too.
While discussing a half dozen other ideas Chris laid out his hierarchy of reward for his open source tribe.
Chris has stepped up to open source management of a business of things on the internet of things.
His last stick of dynamite over the side of the boat is, “Atoms Are The New Bits.” Now, that’s a bumpersticker!
Your thoughts?
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