Christians in Dialogue on LGBTQ Issues

NCDD Board member, John Backman, recently contributed a piece to the Public Conversations Project’s blog entitled Drawing Up the Guest List: Christians in Dialogue on LGBTQ Issues. In it he shares some of the ideas explored at the recent Oriented to Love: Sexual Diversity in the Body of Christ event and offers some thoughtful questions…

Set against that background, Oriented to Love was something of a miracle, partly because the people who came defied simple description. I learned of gay and lesbian people who, while fully owning their orientation, have chosen celibacy because of a deep fealty to their faith tradition. I learned about people who believe that nearly all sex is blessed and expresses aspects of God. I learned about gay people who, out of a deep and undeniable love, married their closest friends—of the opposite sex. I learned more about people who self-identify as queer, and those who believe marriage should be between one man and one woman.

Special thanks to Chloe Kanas, PCPs Social Media and Marketing Coordinator, for sharing this with our community. You can read more interesting posts on the Public Conversations Project blog at

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