Cleversafe Webinar on An Efficient Approach to Object Storage

Bobby Caudill of Cleversafe is an institution in the federal IT ecosystem. He has a reputation as a great translator between the different languages of technology, mission and policy and his knack in that regard means when he speaks everyone can learn something. We have another chance to hear him discuss the relevance of a key technology next week when he presents at a Carahsoft sponsored webinar on Data Storage. Here is more from the invite:

Data Storage: An Efficient Approach to Object Storage

Date: Tuesday, July 10, 2012
Time: 11am Eastern; 8am Pacific
Duration: 1 Hour

Are your storage requirements growing beyond your budget? Are the inefficiencies of making multiple copies of information creating resource issues for you; not enough rack space, not enough cooling, not enough power, not enough staff to maintain the environment?

In an effort to ensure reliability, most storage solutions depend on making copies of data. In some cases, data may be replicated as many as 5 or 6 times. And with each replication, a whole host of new issues arise; security, authenticity, integrity, and synchronization to name a few. Each of these issues diminishes the efficiency of a storage solution. Now, imagine a solution that requires no copies and, at the same time, offers the ability to configure reliability to virtually ensure data is never lost or inaccessible.

Register now to hear from Bobby Caudill, Director of Federal Solutions, as he introduces Cleversafe’s Dispersed Storage solution, a unique and innovative approach to efficient information storage.

Attendees of this webcast will:

  • Learn how Cleversafe’s limitless storage solution contrasts from traditional copy-based storage solutions
  • Understand how this innovative approach creates efficiencies for your agency – reducing necessary resources, expenses and speeding up data retrieval processes
  • Discover an information dispersal approach that provides a resilient storage solution while efficiently delivering unprecedented levels of availability

Sign up now, or click here to register for future access to the archived recording.


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