Cloud and Big Data Trends

There is a greater emphasis on building open solutions for the cloud and in the federal government a greater push towards the Gov Clouds. These isolated clouds provide secure capabilities for workloads and are intended to meet compliance requirements. There is a greater comfort level in moving towards cloud solutions as security concerns have been addressed. There is also a greater comfort level in moving beyond the areas of private clouds. Organizations are going beyond email and collaboration to build and leverage cloud services. Cloud has had tremendous impact on moving organizations to utility based computing and with rapid deployments and quick availability of scalable services, Cloud can enhance productivity by providing the infrastructure or application platforms expeditiously. As existing applications are being transitioned to the Cloud, there is an increased focus on ensuring these services can effectively interact with existing services to develop comprehensive enterprise applications.

I also see a greater focus on Big Data mechanisms to handle unstructured information and identify specific patterns that can be further analyzed. In addition, with the greater velocity of data there has to be more emphasis on real time data analysis. Many Big Data solutions are being run on the Cloud to leverage the scalability and elasticity aspects of the Cloud.

The focus should be on developing an Enterprise Strategy for emerging Technologies and Cloud, Big Data, Mobility etc.. I have worked on large programs for emerging technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, Mobility and the key is to determine and document the value of these technologies to the organization and also align the Information Technology strategy with the Business Strategy. Internal capabilities, external drivers, governance, organization structure and the overall approach needs to be defined and this then leads into planning for initiatives, resources and schedules.

Ajay Budhraja has over 25 years experience in information technology with experience in areas such as executive leadership, management, project management, enterprise architecture, system architecture, software engineering, methodologies, training, networks and databases. He has provided senior executive leadership for global and nationwide programs and have led programs for integrated enterprise information technology solutions, enterprise business transformation, strategic planning and agile development. He has also worked extensively in the areas of Cloud, Big Data, Shared Services, Virtualization, Analytics, Business intelligence, Mobility. For many years he worked in the telecommunications area to lead large, nationwide mobile applications and portal deployments that have included mobile platforms, applications and services. I have worked in the government and private sectors and have led big international, global programs.
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