Cloud-first: Taking a Centralized Approach to Service Delivery

By Bobbie Browning, Senior Vice President

Since 2001, GovDelivery has helped government improve communication, and our new mission statement – Maximize direct connections with the public through digital communications – reflects this commitment.

Our focus is on helping our clients become more effective, efficient and engaged with stakeholders using communication methods that reach more people, are more automated across all digital channels from email to social media, and deliver more mission value.

During a recent Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) conference, I discussed how GovDelivery clients can use cloud computing to maximize cost-saving opportunities. My brief remarks about “Cloud-First” integrate key points from Vivek Kundra’s Feb. 8 paper on “Federal Cloud Computing Strategy.” In particular, I pointed out how the National Weather Service and FEMA have benefited.

Please take a few moments to view the video.

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