Cloud Power is here for state and local governments

By Gail Thomas-Flynn, Microsoft US State & Local Government Vice President

Gail%20Thomas-Flynn%202009%2002%20-%20CopyWith recent discussions around the federal budget leaving more questions than answers, state and local government leaders are under a continued mandate to cut spending and reduce existing costs, and the promise of cloud computing is becoming even more relevant. Still, many of the public sector CIOs rightfully have questions about whether the cloud is right for their city, state, or agency, and one of the questions I am often asked is who’s already in the cloud? I’m glad you asked.

Although cloud computing has become hot topic in state and local governments in just the past couple of years, Microsoft has been running some of the largest, most reliable online services in the world for over 16 years. To put it another way, our cloud infrastructure supports more than 200 cloud services, 1 billion customers, and 20 million businesses in over 76 markets worldwide, including over half of the Fortune 500…

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