Collaborating on a Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 Lunch-n-Learn Presentation

At our last department head meeting I was asked to create a Lunch-n-Learn presentation about Web 2.0/Gov 2.0 for department heads and interested employees. My audience will be of varying levels of knowledge on the subject, a wide age range, and come from a diverse set of backgrounds (human services, criminal justice, courts, elections, prison, nursing home…). I want to explain what Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 are using the technology associated with those terms. I have posted a question to assist in defining what Web 2.0 and Gov 2.0 mean to people in the Government 2.0 discussion area and on my Facebook page, please reply with your ideas. Below is a start to an outline/plan for the presentation. I would like to get as much feed back as possible, so that I have developed it in the collaborative style that Web 2.0 makes possible. I will record my presentation and provide a copy on here for others to use in the future. In advance, thanks for your help in developing this presentation.

Web 2.0 Lunch-n-Learn

Goal – explain what web 2.0 is, why it is significant, and what are the tools

What is web 2.0?
Gathering information from posts on Facebook and govLoop

Why is it significant?
Shift Happens

Social Media
Facebook – Cumberland County’s page
Twitter – Cumberland County’s page
Photo Sharing
Video Sharing
YouTube – Cumberland County CASA video
Google video
RSS feeds
Blogger – Library Director’s blog
my blog
Virtual Worlds
Second life

Web 2.0
Gov 2.0
Gov 2.0 must read list from govLoop

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