Collaborative Democracy: Transition from Money-Driven to Knowledge-Based Society

Dimitar Tchurovsky is the author of the 2011 book “Collaborative Democracy: Transition from Money-Driven to Knowledge-Based Society.” Currently living in London, Bulgarian-born Tchurovskyhas offered to send his book in PDF format “free of charge to NCDD members in return of direct feedback, critique, or any questions may have but remained unanswered.”

Tchurovsky has a Degree in Philosophy, PhD in Psychology, and is an Associate Professor in Social Psychology. He can be contacted at [email protected].

Book description shared by the author:

The Industrial Revolution, triggered by the invention of the steam engine and the expansion of the railway network, gradually replaced autocracy with representative democracy, because the complexity of society had risen to a level which left individual intelligence (i.e. autocracy) no longer capable of effective leadership. The only possible solution was a transition from individual to collective intelligence or from autocracy to democracy.

Today, the Humanitarian Revolution, triggered by the invention of the computer and the expansion of the Internet, has turned humanity into a “single organism.” Understandably, the complexity of this globalized world is now beyond the capacity of collective intelligence to effectively rule, and the only possible solution now is a transition from collective to collaborative intelligence.

Collective and collaborative intelligence are different by definition. Collective intelligence is a mechanism based on a voting system. Collaborative intelligence is a problem-solving mechanism based on the verification of feasible models. The object of this book is to study the co-evolution of economy, social consciousness (culture) and mechanisms; to explain the downfall of representative democracy; why “restoration,” “repairing,” “re-engineering,” etc. of representative democracy is impossible; and to outline the inevitable transition from a collective — to a collaborative problem-solving mechanism in a globalized world.

Bibliographic details: Dimitar Tchurovsky, Collaborative Democracy: Transition from Money-Driven to Knowledge-Based Society, 2011, Paperback: 238 pages. ISBN 1449564283.

Resource Link: http://www.amazon.com/Collaborative-Democracy-Transition-Representation-Collaboration/dp/1449564283/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1324496449&sr=8-4

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