Communication Plan

I am new to my position, I am looking for guidance on creating a Communication Plan for MS State Personnel Board.

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A couple thoughts:
-Communicating to internal stakeholders or external stakeholders or both?
-What metrics will you use?
-Use a variety of communication vehicles from in-person meetings to emails to newsletters to social media (GL, FB, Twitter, etc)

Iris Griffin

Thanks for your comments.
Yes, internal and external
Right now all forms of vehicles.
I am interested in social networking to help recruit candidates for job opens. Any help is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Doug Black

Iris — a few thoughts.

Your communication plan, messaging and all vehicles / tactics / media should directly support your organization’s mission or a specific overall objective. For your organization to reach the desired objective, which groups of people need to engage in a specific activity? Do these groups of people — your target audiences — have any awareness of familiarity with your organization’s objective or mission? Define your desired end state; determine who your target audeinces are, their knowledge level of your program, the info they need and how they want it communicated to them. Once you know this, you can create messaging and use vehicles / tactics / media that will resonate with your target audience.

Iris Griffin

Thanks for your thoughts. I have been wrestling with this concept for a while. Your questions allow me to center where I want to go. Thanks again.