Conversations on Big Data Podcast Launch

lisa danzig

Lisa Danzig, Associate Director for Personnel and Performance Office of Management and Budget

The Partnership for Public Service is proud to announce the launch of Conversations on Big Data, a series of podcasts by the Partnership for Public Service and the IBM Center for The Business of Government to be released weekly. These discussions with federal agency leaders explore the power of analytics to enhance the way federal agencies carry out their mission.

Our first conversation is with Lisa Danzig, associate director for Personnel and Performance at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), who talks about the opportunities, challenges and lessons she learned from managing analytics activities at two different agencies.

Danzig was struck by the basic challenges around access to data, and the fear people had of holding discussions about data. She also learned leaders need to recognize that people digest information in different ways and that it is important how the information is communicated, whether graphically or otherwise.

Listen to the podcast here.

Read excerpts of the conversation here. 

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