Create Your Own Video Portal to Connect with Citizens, Broward County Did

If your agency wants to strengthen it’s connection with the community, check-out what Broward County did with their public access programs. They created a branded page on their website to empower citizens with a one-stop-shop to government meetings, events, and safety tips.

My company, Granicus, worked with them on this initaitive. They leveraged our video platform and did some custom work with our designers. Overall, this is the “future” direction with government content—centralized, original, and compelling.

Nice work Broward County!

Read the full blog article here: Broward County Connects with Citizens Through a Custom Video Portal

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Lauren Alexander

Thanks, Sam! If you’re interested, I can put you in touch with your account manager at Granucus to learn more about enhancing your media portal. I appreciate the comment! 🙂