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Creating and Marketing Yourself as an Asset

When was the last time you marketed yourself to others? Does your organization perceive you as a valuable asset? The ability to excel at work as well as being known for cutting edge initiatives will always be a part of your career goals. It is also important to share your work success with people inside and outside your organization so you others can be aware of the skills you have to offer. Often, some people focus so much on completing their assigned tasks; they forget to market their skills as a valuable asset to the organization.

Why is the process of self-marketing even necessary? The days of relying solely on good attendance, hard work and determination as the catalysts for career advancement have long since passed. Career Trendsetters have the remarkable ability to balance multiple tasks, lead diverse teams and build relationships with peers and coworkers based on sharing their success stories with others. They also discuss and learn about overcoming challenges as a way to move beyond the daily grind at the office. This leads to connecting and networking with others.

Do the people in your office know your capabilities? Then it is time to promote your skills. However, there is a fine line between marketing yourself as an asset and exhibiting hubris. A wise person once told me that when you excel in your endeavors, some people will recognize your extraordinary work. For those who are not familiar with your efforts, it is okay to leverage brief story-telling, best practices as they correlate to recent projects.

How can you market yourself effectively?

  • Volunteer to support projects that will require working on teams outside our primary organization
  • Offer to share your “little known” talents (project management, accounting, web or public affairs) to support overall organization goals
  • Get outside your comfort zone and meet your peers
  • Find out what your organization really needs and identify how your skills fit their niche

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