Cross Platform vulnerabilities aiding attackers, Big Data Analytics are key for security practices and more

  • Microsoft’s Security team examined the problems with cross-platform vulnerabilities

    ISF urges business to use Big Data Analytics for security purposes – in a recent ISF study, they had six key findings as well a large number of recommendations. “The key recommendation is for organizations to exploit their existing data analytics capabilities, to identify security areas that can be addressed, and to start small with a limited pilot project.” Via Infosecurity Magzine, more here.

  • Revised Cybersecurity Act of 2012 Again Goes Before US Senate – the re-worked Cybersecurity Act of 2012 might be able to pass through the senate. The earlier bill did not pass due to issues with digital privacy and personal freedoms. “This revised legislation would establish a robust public‐private partnership to improve the cybersecurity of our nation’s most critical infrastructure, which is mostly owned by the private sector,
    as stated by the bill. Via eWeek, more here.
  • Cross-Platform Flaws a Boon for Attackers – Microsoft researchers have found that attackers are targeting the same vulnerability across multiple platforms. While attackers usually focus on one platform, the ability to push attacks to multiple platforms creates a larger threat surface. The researchers found flaws in applications such as Office documents, Flash, Java and Adobe reader. Via Threat Post, more here.
  • Most recent Google Chrome fixes 6 high-risk vulnerabilities – the most recent version of Google Chrome (one of the most-used browsers worldwide). Many flaws that were fixed were identified by Google’s own teams. Via Threat Post, more here.
  • ENISA calls for joint effort between users and providers to secure online identities – the European Network and Information Security Agency is providing advice for users and providers. It suggests things such as hashing and salting passwords, and tells users to never use the same. This read possesses good advice for users and service providers. Via Info-Security Magazine, more here.

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