CTOvision Mobile Application for Android

CTOvision Mobile is an Android Application designed to bring content from CTOvision, CTOlabs, Twitter and YouTube together for technologists. Download it to your Android device from the Google Play market.

The application focuses on content we create for technologists, but it also contains a curated list of coming events we believe are of high interest plus curated lists of the videos we want to bring to your attention on topics like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Computer Security, Robotics and Tech Humor. If you are on the go and want to get directly into the topics in Twitter of interest to enterprise technologists you can use this application’s curated twitter stream of CTOvision and CTOlabs tweets for a rapid gist of what is going on. Then share what you discover with who you want to know, directly from the application or via other applications on your device.

Please download the app and try it out.

(And stand by for versions for the iPad/iPhone and Windows phone, these are all coming soon).

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