CTOvision Podcast, an interview with Alicia Saia of MarkLogic


In this podcast I interviewed Alicia Saia, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing, Public Sector at MarkLogic. Alicia and I talked a lot about how MarkLogic is helping to change the way people look at data, how it integrates with their current generation and legacy systems, and how MarkLogic is helping agencies and corporations do business better.

Alicia talked about how MarkLogic offers a data layer that provides automatic aggregation and index, to speed search and discovery. Databases with the MarkLogic data layer are characterized by flexibility, interoperability and speed. Some companies that have recently used MarkLogic to great success (and great ROI are Sony and Springer). Alicia talked about how easily MarkLogic connects with both Hadoop (HDFS) and legacy systems, allowing for true de-siloing without collocation. If you’re looking for more information on MarkLogic and Hadoop, go here. Alicia mentioned a couple of interesting use cases, including one with Raytheon, and another supporting the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.

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