Cyber Attacks on Pipelines, DoJ Ransomware, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • Federal agencies are currently investigating months of cyber attacks against the computer networks managing major natural gas pipelines. More here.
  • The Department of Defense is funding research on a “novel device to perform surveillance on adult insect disease vectors.” More here.
  • Researchers have intercepted new ransomware that impersonates the Department of Justice and demands a $100 fine. More here.
  • Gen. Keith Alexander of U.S. Cyber Command says they use cyber teams for both offense and defense rather than the conventional model of separating attack and defense. More here.
  • A survey of federal IT professionals shows that government agencies are still under-utilizing Big Data. More here.
  • The Army is looking for software to monitor soldiers keystrokes, downloads, and web searches for abnormal behavior to stop insider threats. More here.

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Steve Cottle

Bob, thanks for posting the daily compilation of cyber news over the past few weeks – it’s been a really great resource for me and I hope it’s helped to increase awareness in the community.