DARPA’s Cyber Attack Operating System, SOCOM Mobile Encryption, and More

Here is today’s federal cybersecurity and information technology news:

  • The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s Plan X is reaching out to the private sector and universities to develop an operating system capable of launching cyber attacks and surviving counterattacks. More here.
  • U.S. Special Operations Command is looking for new encryption techniques for mobile devices to process and protect data with minimal computing capacity in rapid time. More here.
  • The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology has launched a $100,000 Ocular Imaging Challenge to better integrate eye exam images and data with electronic health records. More here.
  • Technology companies warn congress in a hearing against giving the United Nations greater control of the Internet. More here.
  • Cybersecurity experts fear that the attacks on the Thrift Savings Plan may be part of a broader campaign against federal employees. More here.
  • The Defense Department plans to at least partially launch it’s enterprise mobile network supporting classified and unclassified communications by the end of 2012. More here.
  • The backdoor discovered in military chips is most likely not malicious. More here.
  • Microsoft introduced Office 365 for Government which is aimed at meeting federal cloud security requirement. More here.

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