Datameer provides end-user focused BI solutions for big data analytics

Datameer provides a big data solution that focuses on perhaps the most important niche in this growing domain, the end-user. Here is an introduction from their website:

Datameer leverages the scalability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Apache Hadoop to deliver an end-user focused analytics platform for big data. Datameer overcomes Hadoop’s complexity and lack of tools by providing analysts and technical users with pre-built functionality across data integration, analytics and data visualization of any volume and types of data.

I’ve met with the CEO (Stefan Groschupf) and other Datameer executives. I’ve also interacted with them in events like our Government Big Data Forum. Through these events plus demonstrations by some of their greatest engineers has led me to a few conclusions about Datameer. In general, I believe enterprise technologists should take note of this firm for several reasons:

  • Datameer’s Solution provides access to its most powerful features by very easy and familiar interfaces. For example, users can interact with big data through spreadsheet-like interfaces for big data analysis.
  • Trials of the software are available, including free desktop editions that users anywhere can download and instantly use. This is a great way to start using the capability.
  • Scalability has been built in via the well engineered capabilities of Apache Hadoop.
  • Users access and integrate data using easy to understand wizard-based tools. ETL can be done by anyone, not just the back office engineers.
  • Datameer capabilities can be deployed on premise or in a cloud computing environment.
  • Capabilities can easily be extended by plug-ins and open APIs, meaning solutions are very simple to tailor for organizations and very agile to improve and update.

More from their website:

Datameer delivers a ground-breaking, big data analytics solution for users unmatched in scalability, performance and cost-effectiveness…

  • Analysts struggle to access and analyze today’s massive data volumes
  • Traditional analytics solutions do not scale cost-effectively
  • Today’s solutions lack the flexibility to handle unstructured data
  • Users cannot get insights fast enough from traditional solutions

Datameer is the first and only end-user focused application for Hadoop based analytics. Datameer delivers an easy-to-use analytics platform on top of the highly scalable Apache Hadoop engine with:

  • Wizard-based data integration designed for IT and analysts to schedule, load and transform large sets of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data
  • Integrated analytics application for business users with a spreadsheet like interface of over 200 analytic functions for exploring and discovering data relationships
  • Drag and drop reporting and dashboarding that enables users to quickly create customized tables, charts, graphs and dashboards
  • Unparalleled cost effectiveness that leverages the power of Hadoop while lowering the IT burden normally associated with Hadoop deployments

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