Date set for next Apple Event, Olympic fans asked not to Tweet and more

A new PlayBook may be forthcoming, but it might not be enough to help RIM

Here’s today’s latest tech news.

  • A mysterious 10-inch BlackBerry PlayBook has popped up in Vietnam, sporting the BlackBerry logo. The PlayBook sold miserably (and performed even worse). As BlackBerry is going down in flames, I am not sure a 10″ tablet has any value-add or will provide any relief to their bottom line. Via Engadget, more here.
  • Here’s a handy tip sheet to the Apple and Samsung patent nightmare. Ina Fried over at All Things D has a great write up of the lawsuits. Via All Things D, more here.
  • Apparently, the strain placed on cellular networks by live-tweeting spectators blocked cyclist GPS connections to network announcers. Thus, spectators were asked to not tweet at the Olympics any longer. Not only is this hilarious, but it is very indicative of the strain increased usage puts on cellular towers at big events (such as sporting events or concerts). While they don’t seem it, our networks are finite resources, and network modeling and shaping will become even more important as mobile speeds and use increases. Via Betanews, more here.
  • Ninja Networks built their own private phone and data network, passing out just 650 HTC One V smartphones to Defcon attendees. Our friend Matt Devost received one as well. Ninja Networks’ private mobile network was well received and pretty cool to boot. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • New iPhone and “iPad mini” announcement planned for September 12. Mark it down in your calendar, it looks like the official release of the next iPhone will be the twenty-first. iMore has sourced these from known reliable sources, and expect these dates to be pretty good. Via iMore, more here.

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