Dating Management: An Overview

Today I’d like to introduce a new feature to, a guide to dating for your office. You know, to help you manage and stuff.

Managing people is hard. But it’s easier if they’re happy, and if you are happy too. Now, this column probably won’t help you turn a non-performer into a high-performer, but it could help you keep your high-performer from becoming irritable and bumming out your office. You, of course, I’m sure would never need these tips, but your employees might! So here are three tips to help you help them get started.

Try Online Dating

If an employee is frustrated in the dating world, there is a good chance that the biggest issue they are having is that they are simply not meeting enough new people — just the same co-workers and friends. That’s not healthy. Online dating is far from perfect, but it makes it incredibly easy to meet new people. So if that is the problem, suggest he or she give it a try. The most popular free site that I am aware of is, and the leading paid sites are generally and OKCupid seems to be the most popular with the under-30 crowd.

“Meh” Is Not Enough

People who aren’t comfortable with dating often have a habit of setting themselves up for failure. Tell your employees a bad date is worse than no date at all, so if they have a chance to go out with someone who only makes them feel “meh,” then tell them to pass and save their energy for someone that might light that spark — and who is a good, nice person at that. An employee that goes on a string of awful dates will not be a happy camper in the office.

Be Nice

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but not as many as some people think — so be nice! High-performing A-type personalities tend to have very high expectations, and this could lead them to be overly critical and verbally aggressive when dating. They are the type that often appear constantly consumed by their work, which they relish because it rewards that kind of behavior, whereas dating doesn’t.

If your young, go-getter employees can go into their dates with the goal to, above all else, be nice and to make their dating partner feel good about him- or herself, then they won’t have any shortage of decent people wanting to go out with them. Too often, however, this type of employee will go into the date expecting their partner to make them perfectly happy at all times, and get frustrated when this doesn’t happen. Who would enjoy that kind of pressure? If your employee can be nice to all of their dates and do a good job of going out with nice, good people, your office will reap the benefits.

Dating Management is a feature to help your employees find love out of the office and keep morale high in the office.

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