Defense Systems Seminar Series

Don’t miss your chance to attend this intensive half-day seminar.

The seminar will be an interactive discussion for attendees and faculty to talk about threats and trends in Cyber Security, Information Assurance, and IT infrastructure threats. Faculty will discuss the military’s information Assurance strategies and its role in cyber warfare.

Who should attend:
Military Information Assurance Managers, analysis’s, coordinators, specialists
Program Managers
Cyber Security professionals

$75 for Industry Attendees

Register Today!

Wednesday May 27th – Fort Monmouth, NJ
Tuesday June 23rd – San Diego Bay, CA
Wednesday August 5th – Boston, MA
Thursday October 15th – Norfolk, VA

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Allen Sheaprd


Hi. Is there a website to sign up at?

As a DBA I would think DBA’s and senior programmers might want to attened. There are SQL injection threats as well as the use of direct XML that is not loaded into staging tables first and then vetted as trusted.


Allen Sheaprd


Whew! thank you. It was so obvious that I could not see how I missed it. Glad you updated the information.

Though it is a half day event it might be a good idea for people to plan on having lunch together afterwards instead of running back to work. There are quite a few people I know but have never meet. It might be good to network afterwards, talk about and digest what was just presented.