Deltek Justice/Public Safety 2012 Predictions: Justice and Corrections

Deltek Analyst Kristin Howe reports.

Correctional facilities are among the most heavily guarded and secure locations in the county. This strong level of security is achieved both through increased manpower and vast technological networks designed to allow only certain people into specific areas of a facility, while simultaneously tracking the locations of every person in a building. The diverse technologies required to ensure the highest possible level of safety with inmate populations are numerous and extend beyond the walls of a jail or prison.

With prison populations ballooning, corrections technologies are increasingly being used to track parolees. Court technologies also play an important role in the life of a defendant (and possibly future inmate), and include everything from electronic filing systems for court cases to video arraignment systems that allow a defendant to appear in court without ever leaving jail. Unlike technologies that may be targeted to just one agency or user, justice and corrections technologies are required to be more comprehensive. These technologies are applied to an individual and follow them as they make their way through the criminal justice system. They ensure that courts have access to past police records and jails have data regarding each inmate’s crime(s). This, coupled with continued budget cuts at the state and local level, has led to the emergence of several essential technologies, many of which achieve the goals of monitoring individual prisoners and saving departments money.
As we look forward in 2012, corrections and court technology will emphasize the need for proper data collection and management of individuals more than ever. This is sparked by continued pressure to cut correctional costs and reduce prison populations. As with previous posts this week, this blog examines Deltek’s 2012 predictions for courts and corrections.
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