Check out the new DemocracyU website at www.civicyouth.org/democracyu/, the internet home to the American Commonwealth Partnership. The website highlights the inspiring work that engaged students are achieving at universities, colleges and communities across the country. The site will include students’ personal stories of off-campus activities as well as discussion and debate on the evolving role of university and college students in engaging in public work that benefits society.

DemocracyU will officially launch in January 2012 at the White House as part of a project called the American Commonwealth Partnership (ACP), but is live now.

DemocracyU is asking students to sign up for their newsletter to stay in touch with the initiative. They are also are asking that students to answer this question: What problem most urgently needs addressing where you are and how can students make a difference? Share your stories, thoughts and ideas on Facebook and Twitter @DemocracyU and inspire other students to do the same. Also take a look at the DemocracyU blog.

If you’re interested in sharing your work on the DemocracyU , contact Karin Kamp at [email protected]. posts should be a few hundred words and focused on civic work on and off campus. These questions can serve as a guideline for their posts:

Briefly describe the type of civic initiatives are you working on.

  • Why is this work important to you?
  • What have you learned through the experience?
  • Why is it important for students to be engaged in civic initiatives?

The ACP is part of a coordinated effort with the White House Office of , the Association of American Colleges and Universities, and the Department of , to begin a year of activity called, “For Democracy’s Future – Reclaiming Our Civic Mission.” It will kick off on the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act, signed by President Lincoln in 1862, another year of crisis in the nation. The Morrill Act created colleges known for their commitment to democracy. As part of the initiative, the Department of is preparing a policy initiative to strengthen civic learning and democratic engagement in higher and broadly.

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