Developing Your Mighty KSAs

Quote: “We are what we repeatedly do.” – Aristotle

A sprinter knows that the only way he can perform at his highest potential is through a rigorous training program. He will not just focus on one area of his body, but he trains every part of his torso. He will even cross-train in other sports so he can have the edge over his competition.

As federal employees we must do the same. We have to continually add to our KSAs and learn other skills not in our job description, just to keep us in the game. This will require some sacrifice, but remember, those who do not keep up are the ones that get left behind. I work in the mailing industry and the habits of the American public are changing. People are no longer using mail as their primary source to contact people. What does that mean? It means I have to continue learn new skills if I want to add value to company in the future. I choose to start adding to my knowledge, skills and abilities now. What will you do? By continually developing your KSAs, you will not only stay in the game, you will stay ahead of it as well.

Imagine what your job and industry will look like five years from today. Will you be doing the exact same job you are doing today? Probably not. So ask yourself, “What part of my knowledge, skills and abilities are becoming obsolete? “What type of work am I performing today that is different from what I was doing just one year ago?” Sobering questions.

Once again, commit to continual learning. Even if you have to pay for a night class at your local community college, do it. You will never be disappointed when you invest in you.

Action Item: List 3 things you can do to improve your KSAs.

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