Dialogue Mapping Workshop – Aug 23-24, Napa CA USA

Cognexus Institute logoCogNexus Institute invites NCDD members to take part in their Dialogue Mapping Workshop in Napa, CA later this summer on Aug 23rd and 24th. Led by Dr. Jeff Conklin, author of the book Dialogue Mapping: Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems, the workshop will introduce managers, project leaders, facilitators, and consultants to the skill of Dialogue Mapping™, and a whole new way of helping groups solve problems and move forward…

Why Dialogue Mapping? The problems we face today are often complex to the point of being “wicked problems”; problems that can not be understood until we try to solve them, problems with numerous and diverse stakeholders, problems that change while we are trying to understand them. Dialogue Mapping lets us begin to get our arms around these types of problems; managing the complexity of many and varied stakeholder positions, allowing the problem and solution to be explored simultaneously, helping us keep more information available “front and center” for problem solving.

You can find more information — including information on how to receive a 20% discount for this course as an NCDD member — at www.ncdd.org/discounts. Or you may contact the CogNexus Institute’s Director of Training, KC Burgess Yakemovic, with any questions at [email protected].

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