Differentiating LinkedIn and Facebook

At the Social Media Engagement Forum at the Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce last month, I got a new distinction differentiating Facebook and LinkedIn.

I have been learning about social media for business use and operate a syndication model using LinkedIn, Ning, and LinkedIn Groups.

I devote time to understanding Facebook, and have a potential use for it coming in the fall. One of the best Facebook tutorials I have attended came from Peter Corbett.

The best post about our evolving social instrumentation came from John Battelle reviewing Paul Adams slide deck. (Read the slides, too!)

The “Aha!” from the MV-L CofC was that people in Business to Consumer
(B2C) operations, retail, real estate, Fort Belvoir, were doing well
with Facebook, and people with Business to Business (B2B) operations
were using LinkedIn.

New distinction – At that meeting, B2C was using Facebook, B2B was using LinkedIn.

What useful distinctions are you using for social media?

The next meeting of the Mount Vernon- Lee Chamber of Commerce Internet Engagement Forum is August 10th, 7:30 am. http://engagementforum.eventbrite.com/.

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