Discussion: 6 Major Tech Innovations for 2012

Today I read a great piece in Inc. Magazine (written by John Brandon) about the 6 Major Tech Innovations that could disrupt business in 2012. You can find the full article here- http://www.inc.com/john-brandon/6-major-tech-innovations-for-2012.html

In the author’s order, they are:

1. Predictive Technology

2. HTML5

3. High Resolution Displays (ex. the ‘new’ iPad)

4. Social Analytics

5. Speech for Business (ex. Siri)

6. Business Ready Storage (ex. Huddle)

These technologies also have the ability to also impact government agencies as well. For example, utility bills could be even more informative and helpful to citizens if agencies leverage predictive technologies to analyze historical (many are actually doing this now!) Now think about a Siri for government, instead of sifting through a website trying to find the Pet Ordinance what if you could just ask Siri to find it for you?

What do you think about these predictions? Do you think these technologies will impact government agencies this year? If so, do you have plans to leverage any of these technologies within your organizations?

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Robert Singleton

Speaking of utility bills, have you ever heard about Opower? They monitor consumers utility usage and offer insight through realtime analytics as to how to conserve more.

As for the iPad, my company, Civinomics, is already running public outreach campaigns utilizing its dynamic functionality, and our primary customers are public agencies. It’s amazing the kind of experience you can get.