Do You Write with Power? Are You as Clear as You Can Be?

Do You Write with Power? Are You as Clear as You
Can Be?

A Highlight from the upcoming NAGC Communications School.

Whether you’ve mastered the skill and art of writing in plain, clear language
or you’re just beginning on the plain language journey, you’re not going to
want to miss this half-day workshop by Bruce V. Corsino at the National
Association of Government Communicators 2013 Communications School. Bruce is a
renowned plain language trainer and the Plain Language Program Manager of the
Federal Aviation Administration.

Bruce was the first trainer to develop a tool kit designed to distinguish plain
language from various forms of bureaucratese, legalese, technobabble, and other
unhelpful and confusing jargon. His course will show you exactly how to make
your writing — and most importantly, your web pages —clear and powerful! He’ll
also talk about the federal Plain Writing Act of 2010and how you can use your
newfound knowledge to show your managers the positive effects of plain
language, even if you’re not subject to the federal initiative..

And best of all—you’ll have fun! Bruce has put together a workshop par excellence.
He describes the experiences as “a cross between a Jeopardy game and a party.”
Now that’s a workshop worth checking out! Bruce’s workshop is on Wednesday,
April 17, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. The 2013 NAGC Communications School will be
held April 16-19 at the Pentagon City Sheraton in Arlington, Va. Check out the
rest of the agenda and register to attend at

Don’t Miss the National Association of
Government Communicators 2013 Communications School!

Registration is now open for the NAGC 2013 Communication
School, “Government Communicators – Engaging Citizens in Democracy”, being held
April 16-19, 2013 in the Washington, DC area at the Sheraton Pentagon City
Hotel, Arlington, VA.

2013 Featured Speakers and Topics
–Lessons Learned: Social Media and Hurricane Sandy
–Overcoming the Stigma of Government
–The Way Ahead for Communications Synchronization
–Engaged Speaker, the Engaged Citizen: How Speechwriting Can Get Government to
Engage with Citizens…and Get Citizens to Engage with Government
–Using Social Media to Engage Citizens
–Facing the Media: On-Camera Training During a Crisis
–Plain Language: If you don’t know this stuff, you might be dangerous!
–Blue Pencil & Gold Screen Awards Banquet
–Communicator of the Year Award presentation
–and much more!

Also, don’t miss the Government Communications Expo, April 18-19,
showcasing the latest trends in government communications services, goods, and

Who Should Attend
Federal, state, and local government communicators including contractors who
direct and facilitate government communications—editors, writers, graphic
artists, webmasters, video professionals, broadcasters, photographers,
information specialists, and agency spokespersons.

For registration, schedule and accepted speakers, visit

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