Do’s + Don’ts (twitter edition)

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to work with a number of talented PR and marketing professionals. One of the best, Susan Jacobsen, is particularly fun to talk with, as she is constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to trend spotting and implementing effective marketing and communication campaigns.

Recently, I’ve turned to her as a sounding board, trusting her as we craft a firm-wide social media strategy (I’m responsible for devising Computech’s marketing efforts — and Susan now works with a number of high profile clients looking to improve communication with customers and various constituencies). While a glut of emails and white papers now live in my trash bin, I thought seven links Susan steered me towards were too good to keep to myself:

• Industry-specific guides to Twitter, by profession: http://bit.ly/8LLoQ
• 12 Ways to Find Brands & Companies on Twitter: http://bit.ly/F57me
• The Top 7 Mistakes new Twitter Users Make: http://bit.ly/1jYc
• Twitter? It’s What You Make It: http://bit.ly/pWNH2
• Top 5 Ways NOT To Use Twitter: http://bit.ly/fn20J
• How to Attract and Influence People on Twitter/The Ultimate Twitter Resource: http://bit.ly/imJqt
• Six Ways to Maximize the Use of Your 140 Characters: http://bit.ly/RKsyL

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