Race logoWe like campaigns at Code for America. Campaigns provide us motivation, inspiration, and support for reaching shared objectives and goals. Each of our Brigade campaigns is designed to direct energy in support one of our five activities. Each of those activities advances our strategic outcomes. Our summer campaign, Open Impact, was about advocating for changes needed to support government on the web. Our current campaign, Race for Reuse, is about engaging citizens and community groups to address civic issues together.

Race for Reuse is important to us because it connects the engagement of civic-minded technologists with engagement in the general population. We asked you to redeploy these four apps because they share characteristics that are important to us. Foremost, all are applications for engagement and each engages in a different way.

Textizen polls the mobile population about matters important locally. LocalWiki enlists writers, editors and curators to “edit their city.” Shareabouts invites residents to participate in planning by answering questions for which a key part of the answers is location. Adopt-a connects traditional, volunteer maintenance activities with an increasingly digital populace.


Join us on the Race for Reuse campaign to promote and celebrate civic app reuse and civic engagement. We asked you to deploy one of these apps by Election Day — yesterday. Now, that’s done, let’s get people using them.

It’s time to engage our communities.

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Questions? Comments? Hit us up @codeforamerica.

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