Enhancing Engagement with Textizen

Are you looking for creative and effective ways to keep people engaged in your engagement projects? Then we have something you might want to look into.


We have been following the development of something called Textizen – an ingenious, text-based platform designed to help facilitate public engagement that emerged from a collaboration between Code for America and the City of Philadephia. The Textizen team is on the cusp of launching a new “campaigns” feature that we know that many of our NCDDers could find extremely useful.

Textizen Campaigns are a revolutionary way to turn lightweight action into long-term engagement. Once you’ve built an initial audience, it’s easy to stay connected through our automated text platform. Share project updates, collect additional input, or segment audiences based on past responses — it’s up to you.

The idea of using text messaging for public engagement is not new, but Textizen provides a unique and innovative way for engagement professionals to easily make use of texting to collect and organize input from multiple constituents through a simple web interface. The new campaigns feature is designed to help build a constituency for engagement projects and keep that constituency engaged and informed over time, in between meetings, and as projects change. Textizen has a suite of sophisticated tools that will help engagement professionals make the best use of the collective knowledge and capacity of their communities.

We encourage you to check out their website at www.Textizen.com, and if you’re interested in getting early access to Textizen Campaigns, you can sign up on their campaigns page. You can also stay up to date by keeping an eye on the Textizen Blog. We hope you find it useful!

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