Enterprise CTOs: Learn Hadoop and Cloudera’s CDH3 on 21 April

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Cloudera’s VP of Product Charles Zedlewski in person. Charles has a gift for understanding enterprise technology and conveying his understanding in clear, easy to remember ways. Charles will be providing a presentation on Cloudera’s Distribution of Hadoop (CDH3) on 21 April 2011 via a webinar you can attend (link provided below). This is a particularly important webinar to attend because it will include an overview of the new version of CDH, a 100% Apache-Licensed distribution for on-premise cloud computing.

More details are below, from:


PRESS RELEASE — APR 12, 2011 03:00 UTC

Cloudera Unveils the First Tested, Integrated, 100% Apache-Licensed Hadoop Distribution For On-Premise and Cloud Computing

New Cloudera Distribution including Apache Hadoop v3 (CDH3) proven in beta testing by some of world’s largest enterprises

PALO ALTO, Calif. — April 12, 2011Cloudera, the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based data management software and services, today announced the general availability of Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop v3 (CDH3), the latest major release of the company’s open source Hadoop platform. With CDH3, Cloudera makes the full power of Apache Hadoop available to the widest range of today’s flexible and varied enterprise IT architectures with improved performance, greater stability and durability, extended authentication support, and integration for business intelligence tools and RDBMS systems.

The world’s first commercially supported Hadoop platform, Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop is a 100 percent open source enterprise data platform relied on by more companies and independent software vendors than any other version of Hadoop. CDH3 integrates all components and functions to interoperate through standard APIs, manages required component versions and dependencies and is maintained by Cloudera with regular patches for enterprise-class reliability.

“Twitter uses Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop for a very broad set of applications,” said Kevin Weil, Head of Ad Products and former Analytics Lead at Twitter. “We have Hadoop jobs doing everything from user and product analysis, to social graph analysis, to generating indices for people search, to machine learning, and natural language processing. Nearly every team at Twitter uses Hadoop in some way.”

Since first releasing CDH more than two years ago, Cloudera has become a leading contributor to the Apache Hadoop project and related projects and has trained thousands of new Hadoop users on Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop. Cloudera leads or is among the top three code contributors on the most important Apache Hadoop and Hadoop-related projects in the world, including Hadoop, HDFS, MapReduce, HBase, Zookeeper, Oozie, Hive, Sqoop, Flume, and Hue, among others.

“We put CDH3 through an exhaustive beta cycle with thousands of enterprises, including some of the most demanding production environments in the world,” said Mike Olson, CEO of Cloudera. “The result is the most stable and reliable distribution of Apache Hadoop available today. Make no mistake, this is a pure open source software stack, 100 percent Apache licensed, but with unmatched levels of testing, integration and production experience that give customers confidence in our stack for production deployments. CDH3 includes everything they need to use Hadoop for real work right out of the box.”

CHD3 is the first integrated open source software stack that delivers the innovative work of the global Apache Hadoop community with support for Red Hat, Centos, SuSE and Ubuntu Linux distribution operating systems as well as support for both 64 bit and 32 bit Java. Only CDH3 is available for download as an rpm, deb, vm or tarball installation and can run in the cloud on Amazon or Rackspace. In addition, Cloudera backs CDH3 with quarterly updates along with certified integrations with leading data warehouse, business intelligence and ETL vendors, including Informatica, Jaspersoft, MicroStrategy, Netezza, Talend and Teradata, among others.

CDH3 is already in use by customers in vertical industries seeking competitive advantage in managing data affordably for advanced analytics and data processing at a scale never before possible, including:

  • Web — social network analysis and clickstream sessionization;
  • Media — content optimization and clickstream sessionization;
  • Telecommunications — network analytics and mediation;
  • Retail — loyalty and promotion analysis, and data factory;
  • Financial — fraud analysis and trade reconciliation;
  • Federal — entity analysis and signals intelligence.

CDH3 is an integrated Apache Hadoop stack, tested in production environments by some of the world’s largest enterprises, that includes:

  • HBase: Hadoop database for random read/write access;
  • Hive: SQL-like queries and tables on large datasets;
  • Pig: dataflow language and compiler;
  • Sqoop: integrates databases and data warehouses with Hadoop;
  • Flume: highly reliable, configurable streaming data collection, and more.

CDH3 brings new levels of performance and scalability to Apache Hadoop with support for the most recent Linux distributions to take advantage of their more efficient kernels. Small MapReduce jobs now run up to 3X faster and filesystem I/O is up to 20 percent faster, with 2X improved performance in HBase query throughput. It is also more stable, with hundreds of bug fixes spanning the 11 key components of CHD3.

Functionality and usability have also been improved with a new OBDC driver to integrate BI clients such as MicroStrategy, with new workflow and scheduling of heterogeneous jobs and activities. CDH3 includes incremental import/export to RDBMS with an adapter framework for specific systems as well as a scalable, reliable, distributed event data collection capability from Unix and Windows.

For bolstered security, CDH3 extends the Hadoop authentication and security model through the stack, including MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Pig, Oozie, Hue, Sqoop, HBase and Zookeeper with authorization support for MapReduce, HDFS and Oozie.

Learn More about CDH3

On the Web! To learn how your organization can benefit from Cloudera’s new CDH3 release, please join Cloudera’s VP of Product, Charles Zedlewski, in a free webinar April 21 at 11am PDT. Register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/893421457

In Chicago! Join Cloudera Architect and Hadoop creator Doug Cutting along with other Cloudera technical experts at the Chicago Data Summit at the Intercontinental Hotel on April 26 from 1pm to 6:30pm for an in-depth look at CDH3 and real-world business examples of Apache Hadoop. Register here:http://www.cloudera.com/company/events/chicago-data-summit-hadoop/

About Cloudera

Cloudera is the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services and works with customers in financial services, web, telecommunications, government and other industries. The company’s products, Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop, help organizations profit from all of their information. Cloudera’s Distribution including Apache Hadoop is the most comprehensive Apache Hadoop-based platform in the industry. Cloudera Enterprise is the most cost-effective way to perform large-scale data storage and analysis and includes the tools, platform and support necessary to use Hadoop in a production environment. For more on Cloudera, please visit www.cloudera.com.

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