EPA completes Cloud Email Migration, Cuts Hit Cyber Drills and Security Programs and more


EPAHere are the top cyber news and stories of the day.

  • EPA completes cloud email migration – The Environmental Protection Agency and Lockheed Martin have completed the migration to Microsoft Office 365. This four-year contract migrated over 22,000 EPA employees to the cloud email capability. ‘”By moving to the cloud with Office 365 for Government, EPA personnel can be more productive from any location, while maintaining the highest levels of reliability, accessibility, and security.”‘ Via FedScoop, more here.
  • Cyber Command Adapts to Understand Cyber Battlespace – “Since the Defense Department officially made cyberspace a new domain of warfare in 2011, experts in the public and private sectors have been working to make that inherently collaborative, adaptable environment a suitable place for military command and control.” Asymmetric warfare is both the kinetic and cyber norm, and USCYBERCOM needs to figure out how to best function in this space. Via Defense.mil, more here.
  • Reports: US Cybersecurity Firewalls Built on Shaky Foundations – “The U.S. military has bigger cybersecurity gaps than feared, and government agencies are behind schedule in shoring up their digital defenses. Those are the major findings of two new reports highly critical of the nation’s efforts to raise the level of IT security so it can handle a new round of cyberthreats. The Department of Defense is called out for not having critical systems protected enough to withstand a coordinated, well-funded cyberattack.” Recent reports from the OMB and the Defense Science Board are not looking good for US Cybersecurity. Not only are these reports bad for business, but they might seen as beacons to our adversaries, encouragement that their attacks are working. Via TechNewsWorld, more here.
  • Obama Administration Needs To Stop Avoiding C-Word On Cybersecurity – As more and more reports are coming forward regarding cybersecurity issues, China keeps coming up as a clear issue. However, today’s administration continues to ignore China’s role in our cybersecurity breaches and failings. Our administration needs to address these issues, and force China to acknowledge the persistent threat emanating from their borders. Via Forbes, more here.
  • Cuts Hit Cyber Drills, Security Programs, Napolitano Says – Drills and training are one of the ways that all of our defense forces hone their combat edge. This is especially important for cyber warriors, because without drills who knows how they will react to the real thing. Secretary Napolitano sees this as a great shortcoming, one that will weaken US cyber capabilities. Via Bloomberg, more here.
  • HP Enterprise Services wins $220.5 million USCIS task order – “HP Enterprise Services announced it was awarded a $220.5 million task order by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to manage call centers for those applying for citizenship or who need immigration assistance. Under the five-year order, HP will provide customer engagement management services for the USCIS National Customer Service Center.” Via FedScoop, more here.

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