Every Day Counts Peer to Peer Networking

Over the summer, FHWA is hosting Peer-to-Peer Exchanges in partnership with AASHTO, NACE, and APWA for the purpose of highlighting and promoting best practices in implementing the Federal-aid program by local governments. I’ll be attending the meeting for the midwest region on July 19th in Cincinnati, Ohio, to participate in discussions with people from all levels of government. So if anyone has any suggestions, comments, or ideas, you’d like to share, I’d be interested in hearing them. You can either enter them in the comment section here or send them to me at [email protected].

These meetings are part of the Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative. EDC is “FHWA’s effort to provide National leadership in the quest to meet the transportation demands of the 21st Century.” Three objectives make up the foundation of EDC: Shortening Project Delivery, Accelerating Technology and Innovation Deployment, and an internal effort to make FHWA a greener Agency and reduce our carbon footprint. Of these objectives, streamlining project delivery and embracing innovation seem to be dominating most transportation-related discussions coming out of Washington. Rep. Mica, Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, recently presented the Transportation Reauthorization Proposal embeded below. In it, his committee also stressed the need to work on improving project delivery and implementing innovative changes.

A New Direction – Transportation Reauthorization Proposal


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