Every little step you take: iPhone tracks user locations

Two researchers have discovered that the iPhone keeps track of location data in a hidden file on the device, raising concerns about user privacy.

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Denise Petet

The GPS in even a non-smart phone will track you. Same with the GPS in your car. Your credit cards and logging your laptop onto wifi can also reveal your connection, as can any tolling devices you may have in your car.

Your cable company can, theoretically, know what channel you watch when and for how long and every search you type into google is kept by the company. Not to mention every tracking cookie every website you use puts on your computer.

ANymore, it’s virtually impossible to go totally off the grid. Zero electronics and cash only is about the only way…and even then you are subject to any CCTV cameras that might be around.

If the iPhone is like the Touch, you can turn off location services.(on the touch it’s in the settings panel) It may still collect where you are (on wifi only on the touch), but it doesn’t broadcast it. I have the location services turned on only for a few things.

The Touch and iPhone are different, i know, simply beause the phone is on all the time, and accessible via the cell network any time it’s on