Excel in Excellence

Quote: “Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.” – Phillip Dormer Stanhope

Excellence is an attitude.

It’s tempting to go the easy route and only do the bare minimum of what our job asks of us. All to often though, you end up sacrificing your integrity because deep down, you know that you can do better. You become incongruent. When you know you can do better than what you are doing, you will never truly be happy.

Don’t forget that how you do one thing is how you do everything. So if you are cutting corners at work, where else are you cutting corners in your life? Resolve to be the best at what you do. Trust me, the right people will notice and you will feel better about yourself.

Ask yourself this question: “What one skill, if I developed and performed it in an excellent way, would have the greatest positive impact on my career?”

Write down the answer. Now go about acquiring that skill. Make a plan of attack. And as you do it, do with a sense of excellence.

If you knew you were to perform this task before the President of the United States, how much effort would you put into it? Make excellence a quality you excel at and never compromise it for the rest of your career.

Action Item: Determine that one skill you need that will make the most impact on your career.

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