Expand the Conversation on Learning Technology Standards

Last week, Ben Clark (Rustici Software) and I participated with a few hundred people on #lrnchat, a weekly, international online chat about learning as a profession and a practice. Every week a series of questions is asked around a different topic, and this last week we contributed to the topic of “learning technology standards.” The image above is a Wordle word cloud of the transcript of the first session’s conversation.

The questions asked during the 90-minute sessions included:

  1. How do interoperability standards help your eLearning efforts to succeed?
  2. Finish this sentence: “With my eLearning, I want to be able to ____.”
  3. Finish this sentence, too: “With my eLearning, I still can’t ____.”
  4. What information about a learner’s experiences would be important to capture? How might you use that information?
  5. What new or newly viable technologies might have the most impact on eLearning?
  6. What about eLearning will change in 5 years? 10? What should change?

Reading through the transcripts from last week (early session | late session), Ben and I found much to confirm use cases currently being gathered by Project Tin Can. The fourth question particularly yielded some very detailed responses that will contribute to the direction of the Future Learning Experience Project.

We were quite pleased with the turnout, but we’d like to expand the conversation. Have you asked your co-workers and peers about where eLearning is going? The questions above made for good conversation starters during #lrnchat and we’d like you to help broaden the conversation to others, and then please let us know what they had to say!

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