Expectations of Intelligence from the Intelligence Community in the Information Age


Friends and professional associates at the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) have published a white paper which should be of high interest to anyone in the intelligence community or in policy-making positions in the national security community.

The paper, titled Expectations of Intelligence in the Information Age, is a quick read that I highly recommend you dive into it yourself. Till you do, here is the bottom line of the paper: The nation still needs the intelligence community to learn what our enemies don’t want us to know. Although this requires lots of traditional intelligence capabilities, increasingly it also requires new methods of making sense of what is already known and knowable.

Click here to read this paper.

On a personal note: I am so proud to know so many of the contributors to this paper. I look up to great thinkers like Steve Cambone, Carmen Medina, Randall Fort, Michael Hayden, John Jolly, Craig Parisot, Charlie Allen, Fran Townsend, Chuck Alsup and Joe Mazzafro. These are friends and heros and real champions of the community. Thanks all for your continued service aimed at enhancing the security of the nation.

I especially wanted to point out the continued community service of Joe Mazzafro. He dedicates so much personal time and attention to INSA papers like these, serving as tremendous continuity as a subject matter expert and a master editor. This is just one of many ways Joe continues to serve the nation. He really is an exemplar of a community-focused leader.

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