Fall 2012 – Some Fun Updates

Hi friends – am super excited about a number of upcoming events I’ve been asked to participate in this fall.

All this means I’ll be in Charlotte, Boston and Washington DC in case friends are around.

Democratic National Convention

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 6th, the National Democratic Institute has invited me to speak at the International Leaders Summit at the Democratic National Convention. Tim O’Reilly and I will both be giving talks on technology and government – I believe it will be live streamed via a Google Chat room so will try to post details.

Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

I’ll be giving a talk on the State of Open Government at the Kennedy School on September 25th, as well as, possibly another talk at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society. Promise to blog on any talk I plan to give.

World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

I’ve also been asked by the State Department to be on a panel on innovation in diplomacy at the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Boston on September 26th. Hope to write up a summary and thoughts about this once it is over.

The White House

I’ll also be speaking to the White House Innovation Fellows in late October – more details on that, but very excited as this is a fantastic group of people doing some very interesting work.

Lots of other exciting stuff happening this fall as well – so hoping to have a bunch of great blog posts I’ll be able to share with people soon.

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