Farm Credit CFC Campaign Kickoff

“Mission: Impossible” into “Mission: Make It Possible

Early this month, The Farm Credit Administration (FCA) and the Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation (FCSIC) kicked off their joint 2013 CFCNCA campaign in style.

Through a parody of the old “Mission Impossible” TV series, employees presented three skits representing community problems that employees can help solve by donating to charities through the CFC. After the skits, representatives from six CFC charities described their work, and their brief presentations inspired many employees to visit their booths when the event concluded.

FCA Board Chair and CEO Jill Long Thompson recognized the importance of the CFCNCA. “We have colleagues across the government who today are facing financial uncertainties over which they have no control,” she said. “I think that makes our commitment to the Combined Federal Campaign this year even more significant.”

After recognizing FCA and FCSIC employees for their remarkable generosity in previous campaigns, she challenged employees to be generous again this year — to turn “Mission: Impossible” into “Mission: Make It Possible” for beneficiaries of the CFCNCA.

Make it Possible.

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