Faster NAND flash memory for your phones, Multiple Android user accounts and more

  • Now you can have a guest account on your Android device, great for the living room!

    Samsung has begun manufacturing on their new NAND storage for mobile devices. This should not only make new devices cheaper, but make them faster and more capable. It could even be possible that these memory chips are destined for the next iPhone (which will be shipping in September sometime). Via Droid-Life, more here.

  • It appears that there are multiple users possible for Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean). It will allow users to sign in and sign out with different accounts. I can’t wait for this to go live, and I can feel comfortable handing off my phone or tablet to someone else to play around with. Multiple accounts on Android devices will really provide a great use case for the enterprise as well. Via Droid-Life, more here.
  • Splurgy is a new service aimed at users of Pinterest. “Pinners” will now be able to track sales that are offered by companies for Pinning. Gilt, a luxury sales site, found success when inviting users to secret sales for recording 50+ Pins. As more firms do this, the Splurgy service will become a firm to watch. Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Apple is asking for a directed verdict in the Samsung case due to the leaks. This case is really not getting any prettier or any less ridiculous, and Apple is asking for a directed verdict in their favor due to what they consider jury tampering. Personally, I feel it would be hard for any jury to be completely impartial to either firm, but as I have stated before, this case shows no signs of a quick finish. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Nerd unite! Valve, non-plussed with Windows 8 is continuing development for Linux. They have even optimized Left For Dead 2 for Linux to the point that it outperformed a Windows machine. While PC gaming has almost always been the territory of Windows machines, shrinking PC gaming dividends are forcing suppliers to innovate. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Here’s an interesting Gizmodo article about how Apple TV has become Apple’s most important product. I think media streamers have a place in every living room and look forward to more robust internet TV options. Here.
  • Facebook estimates that there are 83M fake and active accounts. With 955M total accounts, it’s not THAT bad, but it should really remind users to be careful that they only add friends, who are real friends. Via CNet, more here.
  • AT&T continues to buy spectrum, hoping to use it for their LTE services. After being denied the opportunity to purchase T-Mobile, AT&T is struggling to find ways to gain spectrum for their LTE services. Spectrum is not limitless, and it will be interesting to see the chess game that spectrum wars become. Via Ars Technica, more here.
  • Aereo unveils their internet TV prices for NYC. Aereo is an internet streaming internet TV provider that is hoping to provide a quality option for those in cable trouble. Cable TV providers are often terrible, and in most cities consumers only have the choice between cable or satellite, Aereo could be a low cost option for consumers who are fed up with big cable. Via Engadget, more here.

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