FastForward Health Film Project Needs Your Support!

Hey folks! First of all, I want to thank each of you for connecting with Pulse + Signal and reading about issues, perspectives and people moving public health forward through innovation. Over the next few months there will be some changes that I think you all will enjoy when it comes to content here as well as the overall look – I’m really excited about it.

Another project that I’ve co-developed and is very near to my heart is the FastForward Health Film Festival. We launched the project on November 1st of last year to a fantastic sold out crowd interested in storytelling for health innovation. Basically the project explores the happenings of health innovation taking place around the globe through film and stories – moving away from reports, blog posts and articles and into a simple, entertaining (and hopefully inspiring) way to get plugged into this world. For our first event last year, we were fortunate to get profiled by the likes of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as well as on NPR. Super exciting stuff.

I’m writing now to let you all know that we are moving ahead to bring FastForward Health to the Bay Area in San Francisco at the end of October. This will be coinciding with the American Public Health Association meeting but also in a place rich with social entrepreneurs, technologists, designers and people who are just interested in making the world a better place. More exciting stuff!

So here is where we need your help – the team has decided to experiment with crowdsourcing some funds to get us situated for the San Francisco debut. What’s crowdfunding you ask? Basically getting a bunch of people to donate money to a cause – have you heard of Kickstarter? Here’s another primer. So a couple days ago we kicked off our first crowdfunding campaign on Reddit and it’s been absolutely stunning to see where people are donating to make this a reality.

Here is the quick version:

  1. Visit our FastForward Health crowdfunding campaign
  2. Read all about it
  3. Figure out what you’re comfortable giving
  4. Get an account & donate
  5. Feel awesome for moving forward storytelling for health innovation

It’s that simple! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment here or shoot me an email (andre AT We have about a week left to come up with our goal and we’re just about halfway there!

Also, if you know of any organization that would be interested in coming alongside the project for the long haul and being associated with health innovation, email me about that too. We are working on building this into something sustainable for students, professionals and do-gooders to push the envelope on how we make this planet a healthier place to live.

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