Federal Eye: After four days away, federal workers report a frightful commute

Federal workers who attempted to get to the office on Friday morning faced poorly plowed roads, lengthy backups and then, most nerve-wracking of all, a Metro derailment in downtown Washington.

Dr. Gridlock, Robert Thomson, wrote early this morning on The Post’s Get There blog to expect a more difficult commute than normal. That warning proved apt.

The lucky ones said their trip in took only slightly longer than normal, but others said their 20-minute commutes took more than two

A House staffer said it took him 90 minutes in a taxi to get from the Arlington County court house to Capitol Hill. It took another
reader 45 minutes to get from Rhode Island and Eastern Avenues NE to
23rd and N Street NW in downtown Washington.

The most problematic areas appeared to be the 14th Street Bridge, areas near the U.S. Capitol, and roads between Rockville and the
Medical Center Metro station. The entire Metro rail system also came in
for plenty of complaints.

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