Federal Eye: Ask Your Government: Trimming The Federal Fat

A few weeks ago The Eye asked readers to submit questions via Google Moderator to help launch a new series called, “Ask Your Government.” Every week The Eye plans to answer a new reader-submitted question and will post the answers on Fridays. Google Moderator is a new interactive tool that allows users to submit questions or ideas to a forum. Participating group members then rank the strongest submissions. The Obama transition team uses Google Moderator on the Change.gov Web site.

Several readers have submitted FANTASTIC questions to The Eye’s Moderator group, surely enough to keep him busy for a long time.

Today “Ask Your Government” launches with a question from group member KatieJS of Los Altos, Calif:

“Which agencies do you think we should eliminate?”

It’s a great question worth asking as President-elect Barack Obama and Congress prepare to pass a large economic stimulus package that could create or support hundreds of thousands of local, state and federal government jobs.

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