Federal Eye Eye Opener: Postmaster General On Obama’s Postal Comments

Happy Thursday! Postmaster General John Potter weighed in on President Obama’s recent comments about the Postal Service on Wednesday afternoon, doing his best to boost morale amid the mail service’s worsening financial condition.

In his message to employees, Potter recounted that Obama and lawmakers have invoked the Postal Service’s financial woes as an example of the possible perils of government intervention with the nation’s health care system.

“Unfortunately, an analogy about the Postal Service has become popular which suggests that government entities, such as a proposed government-run health insurance program, wouldn’t pose a competitive threat to private companies. This analogy says that the Postal Service has trouble competing with FedEx and UPS. You know, as I do, this is not the case,” Potter said in his message.

Despite the comparisons and suggestions that the Postal Service lags behind UPS and FedEx, Potter noted that the two leading shipping companies fly most domestic mail while postal carriers deliver UPS and FedEx throughout rural America.

“It is a good model of efficient public-private service,” Potter said.

“While we are currently going through a rough patch due to the economy, and the news about our finances won’t be good for a while, be assured that we are striving every day to become a better organization, and an even greater asset to the American public and all who count on our service.”

Potter’s letter to employees comes after a major postal union sent a letter to Obama last week expressing disappointment with the statements he made about the Postal Service last week in New Hampshire. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday he had no reason to believe the president regretted his remarks, since he later repeated them.

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