Federal Eye: Pentagon Workers Pitched Part-Time Work

Earlier this week a loyal reader sent The Eye a Craigslist jobs listing posted by an apartment rental company with properties in Northern Virginia seeking Pentagon-based Department of Defense employees interested in marketing nearby furnished apartments to employees temporarily assigned to the massive government building.

“We will pay you a $100 PER MONTH PER PERSON that you get,” the job posting promises. “There are HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE assigned to the Pentagon on a temporary basis.”

The rental company’s offer could prove fruitful for anyone who recruits multiple clients.

“If you get just 10 clients, we will pay you $1,000 per month. If you get 20 clients that stay for 12 months, we will pay you $2,000 a month or $24,000 a year!” (See the full e-mail after the jump.)

But the Code of Federal Regulations prohibits DOD employees from taking such marketing jobs. The Code states that “Employees shall not engage in financial transactions using nonpublic Government information or allow the improper use of such information to further any private interest” and “Employees shall not use public office for private gain.”

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