Federal Eye: Poll: Little confidence in federal decisionmaking

By Ed O’Keefe and Jon Cohen

Looks like the potential negative impact of the BP oil spill might be felt well beyond the White House, Interior
and Minerals Management

Though Americans generally give negative reviews to the federal government and BP for the response
to the Gulf Coast oil spill, it appears the environmental disaster also
may have further eroded confidence in the federal government to make
proper decisions.

Beyond the widespread dissatisfaction with its current handling of the crisis, 73 percent in the new Post-ABC poll say they have little or
no confidence in federal decision-making. Of course, even more, 80
percent, lack faith in BP, but that hardly eases the political risks for
White House. Among independents, 78 percent have just some or zero
confidence the feds will make good choices; 87 percent of Republicans
and 57 percent of Democrats feel the same.

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