Federal Eye: The Plum Book: How Do I Apply For a Job?

Following yesterday’s rolling coverage of the Plum Book, a few (newly!) loyal readers have asked how one goes about applying for a job listed in the Plum Book.

The Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, responsible for the book’s publication, suggests you:

1.) Contact your representative or senator if you’re applying for the highest level jobs.

2.) If you’re interested in a non-career position, fill out the online application form on the Obama transition Web site.

3.) Apply directly to the agency (for those 3,000 jobs that are currently held by career civil service)

4.) Go through the White House personnel office, once President-elect Obama is inaugurated.

Those interested in career civil service positions should apply through USAJobs.gov, operated by the Office of Personnel Management.

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Dennis McDonald

Ed, I’m pulling together a list of sources on my blog called “Links about eGovernment, Transition, and Employment Opportunities in the Obama Administration” (http://www.ddmcd.com/transition.html). I’ve added your post. If anyone els has some more suggestions I’ll be happy to add them to the list.

Adriel Hampton

What are folks thinking about the level of disclosure for the high-level jobs? http://www.nytimes.com/2008/11/13/us/politics/13apply.html?_r=1&bl&ex=1226725200&en=8493bad0556dcca4&ei=5087&oref=slogin
I do background checks for a living, and this still seems a bit Orwellian. As others have pointed out, this level of disclosure is somewhat akin to asking people (if they use the Internet to start with!) to lie, which is a bad foot to start an application on. (“Have ever” sent an embarrassing message or made such a diary entry?) Wow. Is this a job application, or a Scientology audit http://www.xenu-directory.net/practices/auditing1.html?