Federal Eye: Whistleblowing concerns at TSA

Happy Thursday! A leading Republican lawmaker is raising concerns that potential whistleblowers at the Transportation
Security Administration
aren’t getting the help they need, after
his office tried several times to reach agency officials that are
supposed to deal with such issues.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) reached out to TSA officials on Thursday, saying he’s heard from a whistleblower who tried
to file a grievance and was given the run-a-round.

Grassley cited a July 2008 e-mail from an agency official that said, “any form of retaliation against an employee for raising a concern or
complaint through any established process, formal or informal, is
strictly prohibited.”

But when the whistleblower attempted to report retaliation, human resources officials initially told him, “because it is illegal to
retaliate at the TSA there is no need to maintain an office for
complaints.” The agency’s human capital office later, “simply ignored
his requests, and/or denied him the ability to file a report,” Grassley
said. The senator’s staffers also unsuccessfully attempted to contact
that office five times over a two week period.

“As you might imagine, it concerns me greatly that an email was distributed agency wide waving the banner for whistleblower protection,
but that TSA in turn lacks the ability, or interest in addressing TSA
employee concerns,” Grassley said.

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Srinidhi Boray

What is new about this. Isn’t such a callous culture “state of art”.

Mediocrity and disdain has become a deeply rooted culture. All most all the projects that entailed enterprise architecture driven planning has become a mockery and any attempts to even slightly modify to reap far much design rewards, one must hazard getting the task order or contract terminated. Unless, mediocrity, indifference, politics to achieve executive positions all these are mitigated or eliminated, there cannot be any healthy-growth. The worst hazard is if Open Governance cannot promote “ethical” governance or if “open” does not mean “truth”, then it will be another tax payers wasteful initiative. The only benefactors being the vendors who will ultimately will sell social networking and useless knowledge management solutions.

Discipline is the only differentiator between Symphony and Cacophony. Without discipline one can very well imagine that all social networking environments will become a fish market. Alas!!

Not a single project I could find opportunity to exercise meaningful design considerations. People spent more time in questionable contract management rather than concentrating on service delivery.